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Jeter Foundation Brings Holiday Surprise to NYC Youth

Two icons, two legendary characters, two men who spread universal happiness everywhere they go. One was Derek Jeter, figurehead of the Turn 2 Foundation and former member of the New York Yankees who had come to surprise hundreds of local children on this evening. But as emblematic as the baseball

Tony Gwynn Remembered By Many

Tony Gwynn, Sr. died Monday at age 54 after a lengthy battle with salivary gland cancer. More than a decade removed from his final professional season, his legacy still resonates with those who remember him as one of the game’s greatest hitters. Gwynn, whose career spanned 20 illustrious years earned

PitCCH in Foundation Shops for Prom

On Saturday, May 3, Amber Sabathia, wife of New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia and co-founder of the PitCCH in Foundation brought 10 young women from the Women's Academy of Excellence (Bronx, NY) on a shopping trip to get dresses and accessories for their upcoming prom night. (function(d, s,

You Are What You Drive

Professional athletes like Jeremy Guthrie of the Kansas City Royals pitcher, often drive noticeable cars. Guthrie drives a Toyota Prius. The hybrid is known as one of the cleanest and eco-friendly vehicles sold in the United States. According to this New York Times article some athletes are opting for the