Jones Loses Twitter and Charity Bet to Ortiz Following Patriots Victory

In a friendly wager which played out over Twitter prior to the AFC Divisional matchup between the Ravens and Patriots, two stars from each team’s respective city put their money where their (charitable) mouths were.  
It began with a blanket challenge from Orioles outfielder Adam Jones (@SimplyAJ10), who started the instigation against Ortiz and any of his Boston teammates.

Jones even extended the challenge to Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia (@15Lasershow):

After a few hours without response, Ortiz was eventually reached and the two stars settled the terms of the bet.

After a thrilling game, the Patriots emerged victorious and it was Oritz’s turn to gloat. Jones did prove gracious in defeat, and showed that some good could come from his team’s loss.